Curriculum Leaders

Mrs K Matheson

Awarding Body

AQA Course Specification

Entry Requirements

Drama GCSE or equivalent Performing Arts qualification. Experience in performance desirable. Those with no prior experience or Drama qualification should see the Head of Drama before opting. High levels of attendance and a commitment to working outside lesson time are essential.

Why choose Drama and Theatre Studies?

This course is challenging, but hugely enjoyable and rewarding. There is a good balance between practical work and theoretical study. You will extend and deepen your understanding of drama and theatre practice and develop your performance skills.

This academic course will help your communication and essay skills as well as developing other skills valued by employers.

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What will I learn in A Level Drama and Theatre Studies and how will it be assessed?

Students will study two texts practically and write about these texts from a practical perspective in the examination. They will attend a range of live theatre and write about one of the live productions seen in the examination.

40% of A Level

Students will work together to create an original piece of devised drama in the style of a prescribed practitioner. They will perform the piece to an audience and complete a working notebook on the process.

30% of A Level

Students will work together to rehearse and perform extracts from three contrasting plays, using the methodology of a prescribed practitioner. They will also complete a portfolio evidencing the interpretive process.

30% of A Level

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How will I learn?

You will learn through opportunities to:

  • Explore ideas and styles in predominantly practical lessons and in writing
  • Discuss ideas related to theory and practical Drama in different groups
  • Develop your knowledge and understanding of Drama
  • Perform pieces of practical work and develop practical skills
  • Visit the theatre to experience as wide a variety as possible of live performance, including an opportunity to take part in a London residential visit
  • Take part in workshops and master classes with theatre companies and practitioners
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Drama, Performing Arts, English, Media, Film, Arts, any degrees leading to career paths where creativity, communication, working with others and confidence are required.

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The study of this course is highly valued by employers and universities, not only for those wishing to pursue a career in the performing arts industry, but for a wide range of career paths where communication skills, working with others, creativity and confidence are needed e.g. Law; Teaching.

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Further Course Information

There is a wide range of different learning experiences available to our students, including theatre visits, workshops and opportunities to work with Drama students from other years as well as actors and other professionals. There are opportunities to take part in extra-curricular productions. We also offer work experience within the Drama department for A Level students who wish to pursue related careers or courses. This is an exciting but challenging course; the department provides a great deal of support in addition to timetabled lessons for students who are aiming high or who are struggling with any aspect of the course.

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