Curriculum Leader

Mrs G Read

Awarding Body

Pearson Edexcel Course Specification

Entry Requirements

Level 5 or above in GCSE Physical Education written exam OR Merit or above in BTEC Sport Level 2.

An interest in a future career in the sporting industry.

Commitment to studies – including independent research.

Why choose BTEC Sport?

This course provides a broad basis of study for the sport sector for learners wishing to choose a career in the sporting industry which includes coaching, teaching, sports development, physiotherapy as well as sports psychology.

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What will I learn in Year 12 BTEC Sport and how will it be assessed?

You will learn about the following theoretical aspects of Physical Education:

  • Anatomy and Physiology

Externally assessed

Written exam, 1.5 hours, 80 marks

Assessed on the understanding of the Skeletal system, Muscular system, Respiratory system, Cardiovascular system and the Energy systems for Sports Performance.

  • Fitness Training and programming for Health Sport and Well-Being

Externally assessed

Pre released case study to research and prepare for a 2 hour supervised assessment. Written Submission, 60 marks.

Assessed on the ability to interpret lifestyle factors and health screening data from a scenario and stimulus information in order to develop and justify a fitness training programme and nutritional advice based on these interpretations.

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What will I learn in Year 13 BTEC Sport and how will it be assessed?

Three units will be covered from the following list:

  • Application of Fitness Testing

Internally Assessed

This unit will allow an understanding of the requirements of fitness testing and how to safely conduct a range of fitness tests for different components of fitness.

  • Professional Development in the Sports Industry

Internally assessed

This unit allows learners to explore the knowledge and skills required for different career pathways in the sports industry.

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How will I learn?

You will learn through opportunities to:

  • Discuss your work in pairs and groups
  • Make presentations to the class
  • Work independently on written tasks
  • Apply theoretical principles in a practical setting
  • Analyse data to optimise participation and performance
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This qualification carries UCAS points and is recognised by higher education providers as contributing to meeting admission requirements for many courses if taken alongside other qualifications as part of a two-year programme of study.

  • PE and School Sport
  • Sport Business Management
  • Sports Coaching
  • Sport Development
  • Sports Engineering
  • Sport and Exercise Science
  • Sport and Exercise Psychology
  • Sport, Culture and Society
  • Sport Technology
  • Physiotherapy
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BTEC Sport provides opportunities for learners to develop employability skills such as cognitive and problem solving skills, intrapersonal skills and interpersonal skills.

Foundation for careers in teaching, coaching, sports development, fitness industry and professional sport, sports studies and research. 

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Further Course Information

BTEC Sport provides transferable knowledge and skills that prepare learners for progression to university. The transferable skills that universities value include:

  • The ability to learn independently
  • The ability to research actively and methodically
  • To be able to give presentations and be active group members
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