This page will help you find out how to apply for a place in the McAuley Catholic High School Sixth Form.

If you are currently at another school then you may apply by online by clicking below:

Apply Online

If you have any queries about the applications process then please email or contact the Sixth Form Office on 01302 537396 ext 161.  

The deadline for applications is  9th February 2020.

It is important that you: study hard, develop excellent study skills and positive attitudes to learning over the forthcoming weeks/months.

This will: give you the best chance of securing the best grades possible in Y11, prepare you well for the demands of post 16 studies and help you enjoy more post 16 options next year.

Thank you for your interest in the McAuley Catholic High School Sixth Form and we wish you the very best success in your Y11 studies.

Mr Rob Shenton

Head of Sixth Form